Baba the Storyteller

Are you in need of a dynamic, charismatic speaker/storyteller for your event but would also like an energetic, talented musician to entertain. Which one should you choose?

Choose both!

Kora musician and Master Teller of Tales Baba the Storyteller is the creative answer to your unique question. He will skillfully weave, through the ethereal tones of his ancient African harp and comforting narrative, the theme and spirit of your event.

…a consummate performer, storyteller, artist and communicator. He amazes and moves audiences at every turn; he makes us feel and teaches us deeply without ego.
                                                                        Mitchel Korn
Founder & President of ArtVision

Yes, there are plenty of speakers out there and tons of musicians, but there is only one gifted artisan who combines both disciplines with elegance and ingenuity: Baba the Storyteller

As the only working Professional Storyteller to have been awarded commendations from both the United States Senate and Congress simultaneously, there is no limit to the type, or size, of audience for whom he performs his distinctive musical-narratives. The diversity of Baba’s creativity is infinite. Whether performing in English, Spanish or French, Baba’s customized tales and music will have everyone enthusiastically asking, “Where did you find this man?” Your guests will enter as an audience but depart a community.

Click here now: Online Booking Form and give us the date of your event to check Baba’s availability. You may also call toll free 1.866.525.4922 from anywhere in the United States.

Benefits of Booking Baba the Storyteller

  • A performance of tales and narrative customized to your particular event.
  • Stage improvisation and audience interaction that is sure to keep everyone laughing and smiling long after his performance.
  • Decreased budgetary expenditures associated with booking ensembles, groups, or large companies.
  • Low maintenance, almost non-existent, stage and technical assistance.
  • Unique musicianship and masterful, rare African Harp playing of songs hundreds of years old.
  • Access to restricted areas of our web site, including articles by Baba, hi res images, pdf brochures & posters, press release templates, promotional material, and much, much more.
  • A responsive staff eager to answer your inquiries in an efficient manner.
  • Quality assurance and “guaranteed audience satisfaction.”
  • A truly professional experience from your first contact to the close of his performance.