“Your connection to all of us in the room was
palpable and you took us to faraway places where
we were able to reflect, experience your story, and
understand ourselves and one another to new depths.”

Dr. Jill Baker, Deputy Superintendent of Schools

- Long Beach Unified School District -

Share the Beauty &
Pain of One Man’s
Journey into

“It reminded me of another favorite, “The Alchemist”
by Paulo Coelho…a journey to awaken the soul
to life’s purpose. I truly enjoyed this book,
I appreciated the author’s voice, as
it was both raw and unfiltered.”

Amazon Book Review

A sample of music referenced in the book Road of Ash and Dust

“His phenomenal gifts are a natural expression of an
intelligent, compassionate heart and his wonderfully
relevant stories need to be heard in these troubled
times – now more than ever.”

- J. Paul Getty Museum -

“His amazing talent is matched by the
depth of spirit and wisdom conveyed
through his songs and stories.”

- Aquarium of the Pacific -

“I am convinced by your work that you
are one of the greatest storytellers alive.” Abdinasir Haji-Bare

- Spoken Stories -

“… a consummate performer, storyteller, artist
and communicator. He amazes and moves
audiences at every turn; he makes us feel
and teaches us deeply without ego.” Mitchel Korn

- Founder and President of ArtVision -

“One of the most interactive, alive and well
attended storytelling sessions in Los Angeles
County Museum of Art history.

- Los Angeles County Museum of Art -

“He doesn’t simply tell stories, he touches
us heart to heart, soul to soul …
he moves us.”

- Alajuela Ciudad Palabra, Costa Rica -

“Sharing our stories helps to build bridges
of compassion and tear down divisive
walls of ignorance and intolerance.”

- Djeliba Baba the Storyteller -

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