2013_12_08_blog-imageSince my return from Peru some months back I’ve spent most of my time, between performing, life and the occasional respite, reflecting on the past 20 years.

2014 will mark my 20th year as a professional speaker and musician. In the blink of an eye I’ve traversed two decades of dedication to craft. Time is such an elusive concept to reflect on.

When I started on this path, everyone hailed it as a bold move to walk away from my corporate employ and out into the unknown. I can honestly say that I’ve not had a single day of regret.

In the coming months I will continue journaling the experiences that greet me in 2014. I’ll also be challenging myself to not rest comfortably on accomplishments of the past.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the new year will bring and what I have to offer it.

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