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Greetings Everyone!

As promised, each time I publish an episode of BABA TALKS I’m going to send you all a message to let you know. I was a bit hesitant in getting this one out because of the subject matter. At the end of episode #19, I let you all know that I had a child who expressed to me that his father hates Black People. Well in this episode I talk about how I handled that. Here’s a link to the BABA TALKS Episode #20.

I want to shout out to those of you who’ve been purchasing and downloading tales from my little Online Storytelling Store. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. Those purchases help fund all of these free videos of storytelling that I’m putting out for schools and classrooms that may not have access to the resources that so many schools I visit do. Once again, thank you.

If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to enjoy the last few storytelling videos I put out. Here are their links:

  1. Black History Month Serenity Prayer
  2. Dilemma of the Extra Eyeball
  3. Dilemma of the Three Drowning Women
  4. A Carpenter’s Cognitive Dissonance

It is taking a lot of effort to keep putting material out and post regularly my BABA TALKs episodes. I’m literally working every day, all day in a different school across Southern California. I’ve even got a few virtual international bookings coming up. The virtual international bookings throw my sleep patterns off because of time-zone jumping, but hey, I love what I do.

I’m gonna make it easy for everyone to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Here’s a link that will automate the process for you: Subscribe to Baba’s YouTube Channel.

Well my friends you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you for being on my email list and accompanying me on this beautiful journey we call life. Message me, let me know what’s going on with you. This need not be a one-directional mode of communication. Take care, my friends!

Until our paths cross again, Dooni dooni kononi bé nyaga da (Little by Little the Small Bird Builds its Nest).

Warmest regards,




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