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iTunes Reviews of Baba’s Podcast:

Refreshingly Unique!!! 
by Nomad76 – Jan 5, 2015

Thank you baba for providing original programming that is both highly interesting and entertaining. I did not realize story telling was such a world wide, and recognized art form. I love how you interview other storytellers. Your podcast brought the world of story telling to my laptop. Better yet, your podcast brought Baba The Storyteller (almost) live, right into my living room. Keep them coming, please!!!!!!!

Nice Stories

by Aldeberon1 – Sept 29, 2009

Very well done stories. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, anyone can sit back and listen to these timeless tales told tastefully. I find your podcast to be well done, your method of telling a story easy to listen to and engaging. Thank you.

…most wonderful story program I’ve ever heard.
by Oba William King – September 2, 2009

Timeless Tales… Is the most wonderful story program I’ve ever heard. I am a amazed at the vocal, verbal, universal abilities of Baba the Storyteller. I listened closely to the program featuring the stories of the teen age workshop participants. This program is heart warming and the children are very sincere in their efforts to be open, real and significant. Thank you Baba for the inspiration.

… absolutely amazing!!!!!
by Vanessa Chavez – September 1, 2009

Baba the Storyteller is absolutely amazing!!!!! He takes storytelling to a whole new level. I have learned so much from him. He is exceptionally talented and he is a great man. Baba’s love for storytelling captivated all of us students of his. I remember we all looked forward to Storytelling Class on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s… words can not describe how wonderful this man is… ?

This is one truly talented man!
by JoAnn Cyrs – September 1, 2009

Baba the Storyteller is absolutely awesome! I can’t believe how amazingly creative he is. I don’t think I ever laugh as hard as when I listen to his Timeless Tales Podcast. The way he combines the creative content with technology really has me awe struck. This is one truly talented man!

Timeless Tales is a rare gem
by Patrick Bradley – August 18, 2009

Timeless Tales is a rare gem. Baba combines an excellent production quality with heartfelt and personal content. No matter how many fans he gets or how many conventions he is invited to, Baba will always be a “Podcaster for the People.” His stories are entertaining, but not half-as-much as his personal remarks and philosophical quips on life.

More importantly, Baba always delivers with a gracious and sincere message. Even on my most cynical days, Baba reminds me what is really important in the world.

I enjoy hearing your stories
by Huitzi Arteaga – August 19, 2009

When I am listening to them it’s like a movie in my head, I picture how it is going to be and my imagination takes off. When my whole family is listening to the stories; just silence in the car waiting to see what will happen next. I see him live and the children’s faces happy, excited. I love hearing Timeless Tales from Baba! Best storyteller in the world!

Baba’s podcasts are playful yet deep
by Norah Dooley – August 17, 2009

Baba’s podcasts are playful yet deep. He has an amazing ability to beguile us with words, images and music. A true “griot” and artist, Baba’s work brings people together in the reflection and joy of being human. Listening to his Timeless Tales podcast is a treat.

I am a big fan of Baba the Storyteller and his Timeless Tales podcast
by Harvey Heilbrun – August 16, 2009

I am a big fan of Baba the Storyteller and his Timeless Tales podcast. I’ve been listening to them ever since I heard Eric Wolf and Baba on Eric’s The Art of Storytelling with Children podcast. Though I’ve never seen him perform in person, Baba’s podcasts give me a great sense of him as a person and performer. I love the tales that he shares and the proverbs. Getting to know more about him on Facebook and the things he does, just adds to my admiration of his work. I’m looking forward to someday watching him perform live and meeting him in person.

Such a Wonderful Voice 
by The E-Man – May 20, 2009

Baba is such a talented and wonderful storyteller. Letting his personality and wit spill into the podcast gives such a meaning of the stories he tells. His laugh makes me smile, and relieves me of stress. He is clearly a practiced teacher, and is good with children. He is a master in the art of stories, and builds them elegently when he speaks. He also puts together the podcasts masterfully, and includes a flow of noises that make you jump, laugh and respect. Every time I listen is has the feeling of sitting down with an old friend. This is a masterwork of a podcast. PS Baba, I want you to read this because I didn’t have enough time to write my full thoughts last time.

The stories are as soothing as the voice 
by fluegge – May 11, 2009

In a world cluttered by noise, Baba takes a soft and soothing approach to telling his stories. Storytelling is an artform, and Baba is a master of his craft. Whether young or seasoned, there is a message in each story to help a person on his/her journey through life. Keep up the good work!

by A Dedicated Listener – April 29, 2009

I had forgotten just how powerful stories are for teaching lessons until I listened to this podcast. I have learned much from Baba’s word-weaving ways and I recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys a good parable. I also recommend Radiolab and The Storytelling Monk to those of you who enjoy great podcasts that transmit knowledge through stories. Thank you Baba!

Thank you!
by Skywriter – April 27, 2009

I love this podcast, really well done. I believe I saw you last year at a storytelling festival in upstate New York. I could be wrong. That aside, awesome podcast, I can’t wait to hear more. =)

Charming & Disarming
by Keran – April 13, 2009

Baba the Storyteller is so talented! His voice is beautiful. I have re-listened to his shows, because his insights and stories initially seemed to be parable “bon mots.” Yet at heart he is a teacher, and I am learning to pick up the nuances. Each juxtaposition is intentional. Plus, he makes me laugh, gently, the way we forgot we could. (That said, BTST 3-31-09 starts with brilliant economic critique: “She Sells She Shells” should go viral!)

Never disappoints
by claritygee – April 5, 2009

Whether Baba is talking about someplace far away or very close to home, this podcast never fails to entertain and enlighten. A joy to listen to.

Great Listen, Short Time
by mynameisrobert – Mar 20, 2009

With the average podcast running under 15 minutes, Baba the StoryTeller pacts a great deal of entertainment in a small amount of time. Baba’s Timeless Tales are well-crafted and excellently performed. Repeated listening of Baba’s performances have revealed that the man is an artist of the highest integrity. I have listened to ever podcast and I have not found a weak or poor performance. If they are still available, locate the live schoolroom performances (most recent BTST-2008-11-01) in it you will hear a master craftsman who has heart, love and joy. And less you think that Baba is just for children, listen. Timeless Tales is not for the kid in each of us, Timeless Tales is just for each of us. Share the love, spread the word.

by TheE-man – Mar 18, 2009

This is a great podcast! Baba deserves all five stars for  an excellent and professional product. Thanks for telling some great stories! My favorite podcast!

The best podcast ever
by Atheal – Mar 16,2009

Please keep it coming. I miss you when I am not able to listen to you. Don’t ever go away for that long again. Writing North Carolina. Loving You.

by jessarae18 – Sep 23, 2008

The Great Storyteller
by Tonanzin21 – Aug 26, 2008

For some people, storytelling is difficult. You have to keep the attention of the audience and keep it fun and lively. Sometimes, even listening to the stories is hard for us. But when I hear Baba tell all of these amazing stories, he quenches my thirst for great stories with meaning. And when he speaks, you can tell that the stories are soaked with love. He keeps us wanting more, and that is what I think makes a great storyteller. I mean this with all my heart Tio! Thanks for all the love and keep bringing us more stories!

by seanyj – Aug 21, 2008

Cool stories, cool guy

by jessarae18 – Sep 23, 2008

Baba has changed the art of storytelling.

Exclamation Point
by Wacog – Oct 2, 2008

Please give this show a try. This is an amazing podcast. The stories are well told and will leave you thinking and pondering because of their depth. The level of production is very high. Thank you so much for all the work, Baba. I love your gentle humor and sense of self. I have caught up with all of the previous episodes, and there is only one thing to do–Start all over again!

by veggihead92 – Jun 5, 2008

Hey Baba! I know you’ve been saying you wanted more reviews on itunes! So here you go! I just found Baba the Storyteller on itunes podcast and I love it! It’s really entertaining and Baba’s soothing voice makes it relaxing to listen to. I downloaded all of the podcasts and I now wish their were more! Baba, if your reading this, you said you wanted to know if anyone wanted you to do an episode every weekk…my answer is YES! That would be so awesome! There are a lot of great podcasts out there, but I want more Baba! So if you read this, or make your decision about more episodes, let us know on your website! GO BABA:)

Ego Booster
by Anario – Jun 2, 2008

Baba has a power to his storytelling that comes not just from his piercing insight, but from the subtleties of his performance. The nuances of his inflection and the undulation of his tempo show a mastery of the craft, and allow him to confidently deliver each story immersed in the scenes he weaves.

by sherykah – Mar 5, 2008

I’m a novice genealogist among other things, and stories are so important to our existence. The passing of stories and fables about our families give out children something to build their lives on and encouragement.

Why didn’t I think of this sooner!
by Baba the Storyteller – Jan 7, 2008

Hey, I should’ve thought of this sooner. Write a review of my own podcast: “I love this Podcast and think it’s the greatest ever!” ***were you expecting me to write something elsed?***

I Love it!
by Atheal

I just started listening and I am really enjoying myself. Thank you.

It’ll make you think!
by Leighster – Dec 6, 2007

I love this podcast. Baba is very entertaining and his tales are thought provoking. I just wish there were more stories. Keep up the awesome work!

SMILE :D, Laugh LOL, and Thought provoking.
by Nomad76 – Dec 5, 2007

Those are the 3 words that come to my head when I listen to baba. His voice draws you in while the story consumes you. You forget where you, being instantly transported to another time and place. Then you smile, then you laugh, and then you leave refreshed. The stories are superb and reconects you with history and tradition. This definitely a great addition to your ipod, and your family life.

Clear, Concise, Crystal Compilation of the Creative Character of Baba
by – Nov 10, 2007

Fun, easy to listen to, not taking itself too seriously, open armed, inclusive of the breadth and width of storytelling. Typical Baba, and that is a good thing. Add this to your ipod and be moved, loved and inspired.

Awesome tales!
by Jojo 1969 – Nov 9, 2007

I really enjoy your tales of wisdom from different cultures.

Quality, period.
by Chris the Carpenter – Nov 7, 2007

This show is exactly what the internet is for. Not mass marketing, not for the government to spy on us but for the great ideas and the great stories of the common man to reach the common man. The voice, the content, the production, the ideas and morals and, of course, the stories are to the highest perfection with this show. I quote another listener: More stories, more often — please. Thank you Baba, thank you.

Fun, fun, fun
by Zannli – Oct 30, 2007

I just discovered this podcast, and am terribly excited. I’ve listened to the most recent plus 6 others in one sitting because I just can’t get enough of the fun stories and all that goes with it in this podcast. Well done!

Not Just for Kids
by Mammaya – Oct 23, 2007

I’m so excited to come across this podcast! I was searching for storytelling podcasts for my children and ended up discovering a treat for myself. Baba theStoryteller is a wonderful speaker and really good at holding my attention (an accomplishment in and of itself). The stories are multi-layered; so I think children can understand them on one level, but there is a whole other dimension to the stories that will give adults somethings to think about. This is definitely a family affair type of podcast but I think I’m going to be a little selfish and keep it to myself. I’ll find my children another one.

A Great Listen!
by Janellybean – Oct 15, 2007

Fun and appropriate for the whole family!

**Great!!! Fun for the whole family…
by Chef Tony – – Sep 28, 2007

Found this Wordsmith from a tech podcast, and what a refreshing site and idea.. great stories about life and how to live it! You’ll not regret one second you spend here.. enjoy!

by eblunt – Sep 10, 2007

A delightful introduction to storytelling. Literally something for everyone. Musical intros and transitions that are sure to tickle even the infant’s ear. I commend this bard for taking a tradition to digital heights while continuing to creatively offer value and intellect to a diverse audience! Many times “thank you”. Ase! Hotep! Continued prosperity and blessing!

Tellin’ it like it is:)
by Griot4u – Sep 10, 2007

Way to put it down. Insightful, informative with a touch of silliness. A perfect blend. Way to go GRIOT!

A truly gifted storyteller
by Musokeba – Sep 2, 2007

I really enjoy this podcast and can’t wait for the next episodes. I’ve been an enthusiast of the art of storytelling, and a patron of storytellers for a number of years now and it is such a joy to happen upon a word-smith who, absolutely, stands out from the crowd. Baba, keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll have a fan in my forever!

Loved It!!!
by The Avatar! – Sep 2, 2007

This has got to be one of the most entertaining, imaginative forms of delivering a story. It’s so wonderful to see that this lost craft: art form is surfacing in such a technological form without losing the cultural history that it stems from! I say, “Ase” to Baba and may the ancestor’s favor continue to shine through YOU!

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