There is a pattern that plays out in my mind whenever I leave a new city or country that I am visiting. As I am preparing to leave my mind offers observations such as, “this time tomorrow I will be back in Los Angeles,” or “this will be the last morning I hear the church bells of Candelaria.” I think I started this quasi-game of sorts as a child when travel seemed the only permanent fixture in my life. Tonight I depart Bogota and return to Los Angeles. There are many things which I am already missing, the most prominent of which will be the people.

I am jotting down these few words as I get ready for my final performances here in Colombia at a school this morning. This won’t be a long blog as many others because I feel like I’ve said most of what I’ve wanted to say.

Last night a group of teens took me out to dinner and made some very convincing arguments as to why I should return to Colombia, and often. Who knew teens could be so savvy? I could not help but to listen with  the deepest, most intense level of humility. I don’t ever recall teenagers sitting me down and delivering cogent arguments as to my responsibility to them and their younger peers. My heart was touched in a way that is difficult to detail to you. I listened to these young men speak of the depth of my craft and the need for more profound exchanges between myself and other Colombians. Teens? Yes, teens.

I sat at a table dining with them feeling as though I were breaking bread with my peers. That is such an odd thing for a man who has children much older then them and is, in fact, a grandfather.

When we parted ways last night I was left with so many things to contemplate. I guess those young men still have me thinking into the next day as I write these few words.

I’ve got to get to this school and not be late so I’m going to end here. My words written in previous Bogota Blogs, I think, will suffice to let anyone know how I’ve felt about this trip.

I’m going to miss you Colombia.


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