Hey! Alright… I’m not actually in Bogota now, I flew to Cali last night but I like the title of the running blog so I’m keeping it. I’ll be back in Bogota in another week anyway.

I had to get this written down though. My tour manager Pablo and I arrived last night in Cali and went straight to our hotel. Pablo is so cool he asked if I were hungry or needed anything before we got settled. I had a ton of preparation to do before my performance the next morning so he got the front desk to order “delivered meals” for us. I wanted to keep it simple so soup and maybe some juice would work fine.

Pablo juggled phone calls, paper work, food ordering and doing all he could to make me feel comfortable. I respect and appreciate people who go above and beyond the call of duty and so I try not to add to their stress by making unnecessary demands on their time.

So… our food arrives via delivery to the room of our hotel. We sit down to share our first meal together and I open my container of soup. “Ahhhhh,” I think to myself as I swirl my spoon around in the piping hot, tasting-smelling broth, “there are dumplings in this soup. What a pleasant surprise.”

Upon further inspection, actually trying to get one of them onto small spoon, I discover that what I thought were dumplings were actually little feet.


There were two feet in my soup. Now I’ve heard of discovering foreign objects in soup, you know, flys, creepy crawlers, kitchen utensils, etc.


Pablo’s soup did not contain any feet. Why did mine? Well… apparently, and I’m still exploring the culture here, but apparently I was the “Lucky” one. “Chicken Feet” in soup is considered a delicacy for some people here in Colombia. Not “all” Colombians… some. I’ve had several of my new  found friends here in Colombia already write me and let me know that they, in no uncertain terms, “DO NOT EAT FEET.”

Well my adventures in Cali have started off on the right foot (I know… horrible but I couldn’t resist).

I’m off this morning to another school. I’ll keep updating this blog because there are so many interesting things happening that it would be a shame not to.

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