Show Notes for BTST-2007-09-15

00:00 – 00:20 Intro

00:20 – Welcome

01:05 – Announcements

01:20 – Email from listener: Marvin in Florida.

01:59 – Listeners may make suggestions or leave comments at (213) 814-4280

02:20 – Shout outs to The Netherlands, Germany and The U.K.

02:40 – Book recommendation: Black Women for Beginners by S. Pearl Sharp at

03:30 – Showing love for my French tutor’s career, Yana Billé. She is writing for, and staring in a new cable show about four Afrikan women living in New York and their trials and tribulations. To learn more about the show visit their website:

04:42 – One self-serving announcement: I’ll be performing at the Orange County Performing Arts Center’s “Open House: Community Arts Festival” here in Southern California on September 30, 2007 (two times: 12:15pm and then again at 3:15pm). For more information visit their website:

06:55 – Timeless Tale: A Story of two children, one named Want and the other Need. (original tale written by Baba the Storyteller, specifically for this podcast) Enjoy!

11:00 – Proverb of the Day: “Both Truth and Falsehood were born of the same mother.”

11:30 – Closing Announcement by Jericah: This podcast is brought to you, in part, by, “The Storytelling Store.” Visit the website: “” and check out the link to “The Storytelling Store,” where you can purchase downloadable music and stories.

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