Show Notes for BTST-2007-10-01

00:00 Intro.

00:50 show preview

01:22 Thank you to those who went purchased stories from “The Storytelling Store.”

01:40 Town Crier Chronicles – Advice to budding tellers: Never tell a tale unless you’re in love with it. If you feel something for your story then your listeners

02:26 Message to little girl at the ice cream truck of my youth.

02:50 Hanging out on the Tech Guy podcast with Leo LaPorte

03:15 Listener email:

I found out about your show from your call into Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy (excellent advertising, by the way), and was hooked immediately. Your humor and storytelling ability struck me and drew me in — by no means a bad thing. I’m listening to one of your podcasts now, and I can’t help but agree with Marvin in Florida: Twice a month is hard to bear for a podcast addict like me. Nonetheless, the stories are entertaining for the short time they’re tastefully told. Additionally, the quality of the show is far above what would be expected of any starting podcast – I know that the first shows are the hardest to do, but you’ve pulled them off with precision unheard by this listener in the past. Keep up the good work!

– Charles in Florida

04:30 if you have a comment or question you can email me or call the message line at (213) 814-4280. (I don’t post my email on the site because of spammers but I do announce it in the show. Also, some questions or messages might get played on the show, so you’ve been warned).

04:50 Request to leave a review on my iTunes podcast page. Here’s the address:

05:30 Timeless Tale about making the difficult decisions.

10:07 Proverb of the Day, which actually is more an aphorism: “If you see an elderly woman running, don’t try to stop her to ask why, just start running.”

10:36 Closing “Storytelling Store” Ad:

As with all story-listening experiences, some people listening Baba the Storyteller may experience side effects, which are usually mild but may last a lifetime. The most common side effects are:

* Increased intelligence
* Improved Interpersonal skills and
* An overall, general feeling of well-being.

Other potential effects might include, but are not limited to: aches and pains from fits of sidesplitting laughter, amplified exposure to unannounced epiphanies, unexplainable contentment, and temporary aches in the check bone area from excessive grinning.

In unclaimed, unpublished as well unsubstantiated clinical studies:

* Participants rarely stopped listening to tales from Baba the Storyteller because of side effects
* The rate of recurrence of side effects have been shown to increase over time, as participants were known to engage more frequently in listening to tales told by Baba the Storyteller.

Listening to the stories of Baba the Storyteller might not cause addiction or make you more dependent upon him to get or maintain your overall feeling of heightened insight and happiness.

If you have any questions about the side effects of listening to Baba the Storyteller, be sure to consult your family, friends or local storyteller and share with them the tales you have been exposed to.

The preceding infomercial was sponsored by, “The Storytelling Store.” To learn more about this anomalous instructional institution, visit the website “” and click on the link to “The Storytelling Store” where you can purchase downloadable stories and music for your entertaining edification.

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