Share the Beauty &
Pain of One Man’s
Journey into

The richness in your choice of words
and rhythm shows that we ourselves
have entered with you a place where
time moves differently.

Janet Pankowsky
Storyteller, Mexico

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E.L. Cyrs

E.L. Cyrs

Author & Speaker

“For me, words are more than symbols on a printed page. They possess textures, tones and power. My fascination with reading and writing started before I knew the alphabet, sitting at the bedside of my 100 plus year old great-grandfather. I would sit there, enthralled, watching and listening as he breathed life into words through stories, sermons and, sometimes, songs. My fate was sealed long before I reached the age of reason.

Road of Ash & Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa is a chapter in the saga of my life begun so many decades ago.”

Read, or Listen
to the story of
the Awakening of
a Soul in Africa.

Share the Journey.

“ROAD of ASH and DUST”

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