costa_rica_blog-image_03I just finished my final performance here in Costa Rica and I’m supposed to be getting ready for my flight but I had to sit down and just write out what just happened really quickly.

First of all, the performance was awesome, amazing and I’m not talking about my part in it. I’m actually talking about the young people in the audience, which was close to 300. Not only were they engaged the entire time but I could actually feel their presence, support and energy. It was amazing.

I didn’t know until the end of my presentation that many of the teachers had left. I had been in that room with a few adults who weren’t their teachers and about 300 students.

When I closed out the presentation, no one moved. I mean no one, not even the adults in the room. I’m sitting on stage trying to figure out what going on when one of the adults tells me that they have never experienced anything like what we just did before.

Many of the other young people chimed in.

Now, I’ve been around the block a few times and I know how children will finagle time to get out of class but “this” wasn’t “that.”

It is so difficult to describe the level of positive energy in the room. I know I’m not doing the moment justice.

It ended up with me having to figure out how to dismiss them from the auditorium and send them back to class. I, quite literally, filed them out by grade level. The last group remaining were 8th graders.

They were quiet, attentive and extremely respectful. As we were the only ones left in the room I decided to give them more time. None of the adults present had any issue with my giving their students more time.

We talked, traded questions and then I closed with a story specifically for them.

I hated having to rush out. I am going to have such fantastic memories of this country and its people.

I will return in 3 weeks to perform for a festival in the Costa Rican City of Alajuela.

The people here have made me happy to know that I am coming back.

¡Chau, pura vida mi gente!

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