Today I’ll make my final visit to Children’s Hospital before leaving for my two month tour in Brazil and Mexico. I’m not feeling as apprehensive as I was last week and I’m hoping to re-visit a couple of children who I played music for and told stories to.

There is one young girl that I want to check in on just to know her current state. She was a child who had an horrendous surgery, one that would have folded the souls of most of us but she was coping incredibly well. I want to check on her not to tell her stories or play music but just check in with the staff to see how she’s doing.

Each year I’ve visited this hospital about twice a year for the past 3 years. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty because I feel as though I am taking more than I am giving. The children have a way about themselves that makes you feel as though they are caring for you, instead of you caring for their needs.

Today I’ve prepared some new stories and I’ve even collected a few of my music Cd’s to give away as gifts. My performances in the play rooms are great but what I love more than anything is strolling the hallways and visiting room to room.

The staff prepares a list of children who want storytelling and music before I come and I do my best to complete every visit to every room on that list if I can. I haven’t missed a child yet so let’s cross our fingers.

Well… I’ve got to hit the road. I’ll fill you in on the visit a little later when I’m back in front of my computer.

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