This morning, after breakfast, the sky grew darker and darker as the clouds gathered. Initially, It seemed like it was going to be a scorching hot day. The sun was beaming and hot. The wind was almost nonexistent, and then, all of a sudden, clouds came together and rain began pouring down from the sky.

Brasilia, for being a city famous for its heat and dryness, has been extremely wet the past 4 days.  I’ve experienced nothing but downpours and misty mornings. The locals are all telling me this is a miracle, what they’ve been hoping for since the drought began more than 6 months ago.

As I was leaving my hotel this afternoon, riding in the back of the taxi, I indulged in a day-dream. When I was a young student, bored to death sitting in class, I used to day dream often, at very inappropriate times (like when the teacher is trying to teach). My fantasy: “I had come to Brasilia and bought the rain with me. I had become, for Brasilia and it’s people, an omen of good! You’re welcome people of Brasilia! I ask for nothing in return but your blessings on all of my future travels! May the water continue to fall long after I’ve departed!”

What is fantasizing worth if you can’t be a deity in your own day dream, right? Hmmm… there’s a story there somewhere. Hero, story as a metaphor for life, creating your own legend, water deity, etc. You see, all those years of tuning out in class weren’t all bad.

At this moment I’m sitting in the airport typing out this blog.

I enjoyed Brasilia and, I hope, the people I met enjoyed me.  I wish I had more time on these tours to immerse myself in the local cultures and customs like when I’m in West Africa. Maybe another time.

I’m getting ready to board my plane and head to São Paulo. I’ll spend a few weeks there before heading back to Los Angeles for a few days. After only 3 days in Los Angeles, I’ll board a plane for Mexico.

I’m sitting across from a huge window with a view of the tarmac and mountains behind it. I keep looking up from my computer keyboard and getting lost in the landscape. The rain is falling hard. Although the gate area is full of people, it is quiet. Tiny murmurs here and there, the smell of coffee everywhere and the sound of the rain beating down on the roof.

Today Brasilia, tomorrow São Paulo.

I am so blessed to be doing this work.





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