Today I visited another school here in Rio called The German School. I am in awe at the amount of greenery enveloping these schools. There are fruit trees, creeping vines of all sorts, and flower beds everywhere. It almost feels like your in the middle of a rain forest. When we arrived at the school we were greeted by a group of screaming teenagers running towards us. I turned to look behind me wondering who, of teenage importance, was following us. When turned back around I realized they were running at me. Me? Teenagers? They were shouting Benvindos Baba, Baba legal (Welcome Baba, You’re so cool Baba!) The word “legal” in this context is actually a Brazilian Portuguese slang term pronounced “Leygahl.”  Talk about a boost to an old man’s ego, you couldn’t have wiped the smile from my face with a Brillo pad.

I performed for two different age groups in the school and loved every second of it. They made me feel so welcomed and they had to have been a couple of the easiest crowds I’ve performed for. They were primed and ready even before they walked in the door.

When we were trying to leave the school we were totally disrupting classes. One teacher lost control of his younger students who ran from their class and started following us, asking questions.

Not quite Beatle Mania but I’ll take it.

I had barely enough time to eat, check out of the hotel and get to the airport.

Our flight was delayed and we got into Brasilia later than expected. You know what’s wonderful about having a tour manager?

You don’t have to handle any of the, inevitable, unforeseen disruptions to itinerary. What a luxury!

I let my tour manager know that I appreciate each and every single thing she is doing to make me comfortable. I’m making sure that any issues that arise for her are not of my making.

Well… I’ve finally made it to my hotel room. It’s 12:30 am and I’m exhausted. I’ve to an early morning performance tomorrow but before I can go to bed I’ve got to:

1) Re-assemble my Kora and tune it.

2) Blog my daily experiences for those hardcore readers out there.

3) Return emails to people in the U.S.

4) Invoice clients

5) Review promotional material that has deadline attached.

6) Upload all media from the days camera and video shoots onto the portable hard drive.

Are you guys feeling sorry for me?


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