happy new year from baba the storytellerGreetings family! I recently finished a video wishing all “my” people a Happy New Year. If you didn’t receive it, here is a link to it on YouTube: Happy New Year Video Message from Baba the Storyteller.

I’m also going to be posting more storytelling videos to my YouTube Channel. If you enjoy stories and storytelling as much as I do, then click here to Subscribe to My YouTube Channel.

I want to thank each and every one of you for what was an incredible 2021, in spite of all of the difficulties the year has wrought. As insane as it might seem, I am having some of my most prosperous years during this pandemic. Go figure! Right? I think it might have something to do with all of the virtual work I’ve been doing along with the in-person stuff.

Well, I’ve got to jump back in the studio to get more videos completed. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

Until our paths cross again, Dooni dooni kononi bé nyaga da (Little by little, the small bird builds its nest).

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey.


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