“Baba’s time with our leaders allowed each and every one us to experience the power of story firsthand. We didn’t just hear a story. We felt how story compels us in empathy. We didn’t just experience a story. We experienced how a story connects us together as humans. We didn’t just listen to the idea of love. We felt love and a new connection to our work of leading schools and the children we serve. Baba’s time with us will resonate in our spirits for months to come and has inspired our leaders (and me) to build upon the power of story throughout the days of this school year and beyond.”
Dr. Jill Baker, Deputy Superintendent of Schools

Long Beach Unified School District


Each year Baba tours schools all over the world performing Assemblies, serving in Residencies and facilitating both student and teacher Workshops. His presentations are developmentally appropriate and combine the artistic disciplines of music, storytelling and creative instruction. Baba’s performances have been described as TEDTalks for the young. His assemblies challenge student’s imaginations while imparting valuable cultural, historical and meta-curricula lessons. Assemblies are highly interactive, employing a mixture of music, chants, singing, and tales. “Everyone” has an opportunity to participate. Click here to read student feedback!

  • Grade Levels: Stories, vocabulary, and concepts are developmentally appropriate for each grade level. Assemblies are conducted in separate sessions for Primary, Intermediate and Middle Schoolers.
  • Number of Students: Up to 300 within one age group (Primary, Intermediate or Middle School). Under 200 provides a much more intimate experience for your learners.
  • Assembly Run Time: Primary Assembly: 30 minutes | Intermediate Assembly: 45 minutes | Middle School Assembly: 45-60 minutes.
  • Transition Time: If more than one assembly is scheduled, please allow sufficient time for one group to exit and the next group to be seated. All students should be seated before the scheduled start time in order to allow for the full assembly runtime.

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Baba’s classroom visits are not only educational but interactive, engaging and lots of fun. For 45 minutes to an hour, students are immersed in enchantment through musical storytelling and cultural enrichment. Because so many teachers subsidize their student’s development, the cost of these visits are kept at the lowest rate possible. To maintain the intimacy of the performance, class sizes are limited to no more than 35 students per session.

  • Grade Level: Stories, vocabulary, and concepts are age-appropriate.
  • Number of Students: Maximum per classroom visit is 35.
  • Transition Time: If more than one classroom is scheduled for Baba to visit, it is preferred that they be back-to-back and allow for enough time for him to get from one to the next.

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This professional development workshop has been tested all over the world with teachers in IB Schools, NGO Schools, Public and Private Schools. For decades Baba has been a leading proponent of the inclusion of Storytelling in pedagogical practices. He currently has been helping educators learn the importance of stories in building equity and learning communities. Current practices rely heavily on a student’s ability to be an active, engaged and effective listener to compliment informed speaking/presenting.

  • Grade Levels: Teachers of all grade levels will benefit from this PD on Speaking-Listening.
  • Ancillary Topics: Classroom Management, Creative Instruction & Culturally Responsive Education.
  • PD Run Time: Depends on the needs of the school (Typically runs for between one to two and a half hours).

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Baba host two types of residencies: A Mini-Residency (up to 6 sessions per class) and a Full-Residency (usually 12 sessions per class). Residencies are aligned to current Common Core (K-12) and may be tailored to the specific curricular needs of each school. Example: Under the Speaking/Listening strand of the English Language Arts Standards of the Common Core, students are introduced to the way other cultures around the world teach listening. Music, Singing and Interactive tale telling are used give students an overview of the cultural differences of how other people in our world learn the skill of listening. Instruction in effective speaking follows the rigorous lessons on listening. Every student is motivated to challenge themselves as effective speakers with a purpose for speaking.

To view, a residency outline sample click Here to view Baba’s “No One is Born a Bully”

  • Grade Levels: Residency instruction is typically conducted with one grade level per session and only suited for students from 3rd grade and up. There are circumstances where sessions are modified to accommodate two contiguous grades (e.g. 3-4, or 4-5) or for multi-age Montessori classrooms.
  • Number of Students: The maximum number of students per residency session is 35.
  • Session Run Times: Residency sessions run from 45 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the school.
  • Transition Time: The flexibility of the residency sessions allow for Baba to travel from one classroom to the next or be stationed in a central location for students to come to him. it is preferred that sessions be scheduled back-to-back.
  • Culminations: At the end of the residency it is highly encouraged that parents/community be invited to the final session to witness students applying their new Speaking-Listening Skills. The runtime will be 45 minutes to an hour depending on the needs of the school.

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Click here to read student feedback!


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