This professional development workshop focuses on the inner-development of the teacher as a first stage of creating differentiated instruction for learners.

Baba employs stories, proverbs, and fables as tools to illustrate the need for differentiating based on the culturally diverse needs of learners. Teachers are encouraged to familiarize themselves intimately with the community life of their learners as well as their socio-economic realities.

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Baba’s workshops and seminars engage every learning style. Participants who complete his workshops and seminars gain a greater understanding of the role that listening as a skill and oral presentation play in our development as individuals and communities.

Utilizing the ancient West African bardic craft of Jaliyaa as his pedagogical base, Baba aides participants in exploring the wealth of organic curricula employed by indigenous cultures used to shape their societies. Participants engage in exercises that strengthen their abilities as focused listeners while learning the depth of valuable insights other cultures may have to offer. If you are interested in securing Baba for a workshop or performance Click Here and fill out our Online Booking Form.



Speaking and Listening are skill sets that “must” be developed. The assumption that because we possess ears, we can hear and a mouth, can speak, has been the undoing of many over the ages. Cultures across the world approach the development of these disciplines in unique and creative ways. Baba has traveled and continues traveling the world exploring the various curriculums (institutional and indigenous) that aid in helping individuals to enhance their speaking and listening skills.  If you are interested in securing Baba for a workshop or performance Click Here and fill out our Online Booking Form.


  • % of Meaning Derived from Facial Expressions 55% 55%
  • % of Meaning Derived from How Words are Spoken 38% 38%
  • % of Meaning Derived from Words Actually Spoken 7% 7%
  • % of People with Formal Training in Listening 2% 2%


  • % of People Who Suffer from Speech Anxiety 74% 74%
  • % of Women Who Suffer from Speech Anxiety 75% 75%
  • % of Men Who Suffer from Speech Anxiety 73% 73%
  • % of Adults Who Fear Public Speaking ahead of Death 54% 54%
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