Thanks so much, those of you who have taken the time to send me words of encouragement. I didn’t realize how cathartic blogging could be. Although it might seem an exercise in redundancy to write about writing, hey, it works for me.

I actually love to write but attempting this creative writing course in the Spanish language throws me back to literary struggles I experienced in my early and mid 20’s. Vocabulary doesn’t flow as easily, metaphors are muddy and I don’t have an established, comfortable voice or style from which to allow my ideas to flow pen to paper. It is tempting to retreat to the familiar and only put on display well-developed skills. I intend to respect what I call “The Initiatory Process.” I’m trying to embrace the angst and awkwardness of appearing inept in this new world of Spanish Literati but I’ll tell you what, “It sure ain’t easy!”

I’ve decided to attach copies of each of the completed lessons here in the blog whenever I finish them, for those of you who really want to see wants going on behind the curtain. I’ll start with the most recent exercise. Remember, this is all being given to me in Spanish only and the majority of the students are in Madrid, Spain. I’ll give English translations of my stories as I write them for those willing to follow (it’s the least I could do – Big SMILE). I’ll also attach the Spanish version of my completed narratives for those bilingual readers (por supuesto).

So, here we go! In this current exercise we (students) had to recall a childhood memory. The professor wanted us to expound on this memory in narrative form and provide readers with an acute sense of our childhood experience.

I chose to write on a childhood experience I had while living in Texas. I was around 9 years old or so. Click on one of the links below to read the story. Oh, leave a comment or send me a message to let me know what you think.

English version of the story: Battles

Spanish version of the story: Batallas

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