Writing in 2nd person!!! Who writes in 2nd person anymore? This next assignment we’re supposed to create a narrative in 2nd person. I “hate” writing in 2nd person and to write creatively in Spanish is even more onerous to me. I don’t use the word hate too often but when I do I really mean it.

Ok, breath… think. Don’t let this get to me. I can do this.

Deep long inhale,  hold it and now a slow long breath out.

Alright. I’m cool now. The whole point of an initiatory process is acceptance. Poco a poco se va lejos. ¿Verdad? Little by little one goes far. Right?

I’m going to have to mull this over for a little while to figure out what it is that I will write about. The last time I read something in 2nd person was “Fight Club” and that was bizarre experience.

Wow… I call myself a storyteller and I started out wining like a little… hmmm, like a little what? Oh well, forget it, move on because that’s what a champion would do. Did Ali bow out in Manila? No he didn’t and I’m sure that was a hell of a lot harder than contemplating writing your story in 2nd person.

Alright. I’m purged. I can move on now. I’m going to take a little time to think and then, without any hesitation and I’m going to sit my but down and write. After I’ve exhausted myself writing I’ll write some more.

See ya’ll soon swith whatever I come up with.

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