I’m moving along ya’ll, albeit not at the pace of an enlightened student, but still moving. This last assignment was about creating a character and building upon the traits and characteristics of the character without brazingly throwing them up in the readers face. How to describe your character by using his/her descriptions to move the action of the story along. I really summarize the heck out of the class instructions but I feel like the majority of ya’ll get me. The two stories are attached below and title: “Incarcerated?” (the English version) and “¿Encarcelado?” (the Spanish version). Yes I know, I know… why write what language each version! Right? Well if you got some of the emails I get you would play to the lowest common denominator as well.

Anyway, let me know what ya’ll think. If you are reading the Spanish version and just want to correct my grammar, spelling, etc. for good measure, please go ahead. I am not faint hearted.

Well, off to the next assignment. Yes…already.

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