This assignment almost wrecked me. You would think that by the 5th assignment I would get into some kind of groove or something but noooo. I’m not sure what is wrong with me. I’ve always been the type that, if something got easier for me, then I would attempt it again, but do it standing on my head. Is there a personality type for that? Hmmm… can you say “lacking in higher levels of intelligence?” Ok enough ranting. Attached are the stories that I wrote for the current assignment. I was able to get it to flow alright in English but the Spanish version is a total re-write. I could not, in spite of hours of torment, get the two stories to have the same rhythm. I had to put the English version aside because I will edit  and re-edit, read and re-read until the cows come home.

I am proud to say one thing though. I have outgrown a few of my old Spanish dictionaries. That is a good feeling. I’ve purchased a new one called “Real Academia Española” and it has a really nice hardcover. Now I’m in search of an equivalent reference book containing Spanish synonyms and antonyms. Ooops… geek alert! I caught myself! Sorry ya’ll. I have to remember that people who get excited about reference manuals and materials are in the minority.

You guys can read the attached stories and let me know what you think. Be nice because I labored over these like you wouldn’t believe, even though it may not seem like it.

Baptism: English Version

Bautismo: Versión Español

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