I’ve made it to the halfway point! I’m pushing forward on this and doing all right. I just got a note from our professor encouraging me, letting me know that I’m doing well, especially coming to the course from another language.

I remember I said that I would attach the newly written stories to the post but I’m going to have to back off maybe just for this one story. I went way out of my comfort zone on this story and there is a lot of, how shall I put this, “colorful” language and adult topics. I’m sensitive to what I put out because a lot of kids frequent my site.

I titled this new story “Grave Error” and it’s a little twisted. Like I said, “out of my zone of comfort.” If any of you would like to read it then just send me an email to Baba(at)babathestoryteller.com and I’ll forward you it as a Word file.

I’ll try to tone it down on the next assignment so that it can be posted to the blog. For those of you who do take the time to read it, please send me a little feedback. Also, let me know if you want the English version or the Spanish version.

It is a strange thing to have to admit but, as difficult and torturous as this process of writing creatively in a foreign language is, I’m actually enjoying it. Yes, I know I complain from time to time but I am human after all. Right?

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