Ok I know some of you were wondering why haven’t I submitted the most recent story that I wrote for the next assignment. Well the truth of the matter is that I, literally, hate what I wrote. If it weren’t an assignment I would ball it up and throw it in the trash! This process gets to be really aggravating, frustrating, at times. Last week we were focusing on “Minimalism.”

I love minimalist art (i.e. sculpting, painting, mixed-media, design, etc.) but, for some reason, when it comes to literature, I can’t stand it as a literary style. I’m just being honest, or maybe closed minded (you choose).

I promised that I would be as transparent as possible through this process so I am attaching what I wrote below. There is an English version as well as Spanish version.

Since the actual class is based in Madrid and is conducted in Spanish I’ve begun to focus more on being as creative as possible with the Spanish versions. Following the advice of  my professor “Jesús el Terrible;” I’ve begun writing my assignments out in Spanish first. I’m trying to re-wire my brain to process poetically in Spanish primarily as opposed to translating everything. Headaches are part and parcel of the deal. So if you read in both languages you’ll notice that the English and Spanish versions read nothing alike. Well, maybe close but definitely distinct from one another.

As always I look forward to your input as I suffer through this dissonant process.

Dooni dooni kononi be nyaga da.

Necesidades contra Deseaos (pdf.)

Wants versus Needs (pdf.)

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