So what should a person do when they can’t sleep. Hmmmm….. maybe finish their creative writing assignment. I’m a bit miffed with myself because last week I finished the assignment early and then forgot to turn it in. My name appeared on a list with a few other classmates who failed to turn in their assignments as well. Do you know how that feels to have actually done the work and then forget to hand it in? Nobody to blame but myself. I had maintained a perfect record of working my gluttious maximus off and turning assignments in on time up to that point. I guess I’ll take it as a lesson in realizing that perfection is not the goal (in anything, including life).

I’m supposed to be sleeping right now. I’ve got a performance at a middle school in another 6 hours. For some reason the urge to write this evening was overpowering so I got out of bed, came into the office and started doing what I do. Can you hear Big Daddy Kane’s “I Work” playing in the background. If you don’t know don’t sweat it. If you do know then you “feel” me.

This weeks assignment basically seemed as if we were supposed to create a treatment. For those who aren’t familiar with the Hollywood lingo out there in the land of LU-LU, a treatment is an outline of a movie (not a script) but an outline used for pitching your ideas. I might be off, I’m not an “Industry” insider guy so anybody feel free to correct me. I played the scene out that I wrote a few times in my head before actually putting pen to paper. It was a cool exercise and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Below are copies of the story I wrote, one in English the other in Spanish. Some of you seem to be forgetting that this class is really a “Spanish Creative Writing class.” I only provide an English translation because, well… most of “my” people don’t read Spanish. Since so many of you have requested that I continue doing this “extra” work by providing you with an English translation, I would appreciate a little feedback from you when you read it. You don’t have to say anything elaborate of scholarly just a few words on your impression of the work.

As always, any native Spanish Speakers/Readers out there should feel free to correct my corrupted Castillian as you see fit.

If you would rather download the story there are a couple of pdf. links below. Enjoy mis compañeros, adios.

The Dancer.pdf

La Bailaora.pdf

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