Peru_blog-image_01I just arrived in Lima Peru a couple of hours ago. I’m feeling the years. It’s true what they say about Father Time. I don’t make it a habit of cursing but airline seats will push even a saint to edge of madness. It seems like there is a conspiracy against anyone over six feet tall to make sure our travel is as hellish as it can possibly be.

I’ve already met with my tour manager, Yoli, gotten the instrument put back together (not tuned yet) and reviewed the itinerary for the next five weeks. Common sense would’ve dictated that I try to relax for a few moments for jumping into work-mode but, well… you know… common sense ain’t so common.

I’m looking forward to making some connections with the African Peruvian community here. It is part and parcel of why I do what I do. Whenever I travel and connect with the different communities across the globe I feel like the pieces of a torn fabric have be re-woven much stronger.

I’m in a small three bedroom flat in Mira Flores. I’ll get pics up later if anyone is interested.

On the way to my apartment, the driver made sure to take me by Costa Verde, the coastline that hugs the city of Lima. It is beautiful shore line that has the feeling that the ocean is only moments away from overtaking the city center. Between touring schools and other places performing, I plan to return and shoot some video of the pace of life here.

Well, I’ve made myself a promise to get the Kora tuned tonight before I go to be and I’m feeling like passing out right now so this is going to be a challenge.

I’ll blog as often as time permits for the next six weeks while I’m here in Peru. I have no doubt that I’ll cross some “interesting” paths as always.

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