2014_03_30 My 92 Year Old Muse_blogShe sat up front; closest to the area I was performing. The entire time she smiled, sang and punctuated every moment of our interactions with her own witty, creative quips. Her bright, youth filled, eyes betrayed the notion that 92 years is capable of dimming anything in the beauty of the human spirit. For the moment, she was my muse.

The room was flooded with so much joy and positive energy that it felt more like a celebration than a performance. Nursing facilities hold a special place in my heart. I am always seeking opportunities to commune with wisdom.

Following the performance, no one moved. I wanted to have some time with my muse to get to know her a little better. “Everyone” remained in the room and filled it with such excitement.

I wanted to know her name but each time I would start to ask, I was presented with questions, or thoughtful comments of others.

I finally had a chance to turn to the elder angel and ask her name.

“Hope, my name is Hope.”

Life is so poetic.

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