The Art of Storytelling - Vol.1

“The Art of Storytelling – Vol.1” is officially available, today, October 26, 2007, on Amazon mp3 for download. Yeah!!!

One word of warning though, and this was simply something not in my control. Somehow, well… it seems… ok, I’ll just spill it out. It appears there is rap artist who has the exact same title as my CD and, well… maybe you’ll want to just look me up on Amazon by name , “Baba the Storyteller,” instead of typing in “The Art of Storytelling”

If you happen to type in “The Art of Storytelling” by accident, I assure you that first title track is not mine. Somehow my tracks are interspersed with those of this rapper. Oh, the pain!

So please, please, please proceed with caution if you’re going to purchase my tracks from Amazon mp3.

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