I’ve been performing since early 94, telling stories, playing Kora and singing. I’ve always managed to get around the expense of a flight case. That is until now. I used to have my clients just pay for an additional seat for my Kora and, because I was only touring 10-15 shows a year, that wasn’t bad. The number of requests I’ve begun to receive to travel abroad has increased. I had to go to a professional company and order a customized flight case.

The company that made my case for me is called GOMC (Get Off My Case) and they do incredible work. My contact there was Nate. I did a ton of research before hiring them. In fact, I first contacted them two years ago when I started my research but wasn’t ready to commit.

It’s taken a week to complete construction, but my case is finally finished. It weighs 70 lbs. (with the Kora inside) and has dimensions of  53″ W x 22″ D x 15″ H.

As far as International travel, I’m right at the tip of most weight and size restrictions.

I’m still going to take it to the airport in a few days so that I can get an exact read on cost in order to quote clients a more accurate rate.

I know it may seem like a small thing, but for me, this is a sort of rite of passage as far as my ascension as an artist.

My case’s first test will be my trip to Brazil next week. I’m a little anxious about letting my instrument out of my sight and leaving it in the hands of baggage handlers. I’m going to try to exercise my breathing and relax into the idea that everything will be as it should be. I know that sounds a bit Zen but if I don’t think that way I’ll drive myself insane.

I’ll try to remember to update the blog once I’ve gone to the airport and gotten my exact costs.

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