In a few hours I’ll be at Children’s Hospital visiting room and sharing stories and music. I’ve performed in almost any type of venue you could possibly imagine but, for some reason, whenever I’m called upon to visit the Children’s Hospital I get really nervous. Way too many thoughts race through my mind about stories I’d like share, am I prepared, don’t want to forget anything, is my instrument tuned correctly, etc.

I’ve thought a lot about why Children’s Hospital puts me on edge so much and I think I know why. It’s simple.

I don’t want to disappoint one single child in that hospital and I want to give them the best of what I have to offer. Although I’ve been visiting and telling stories there for years, there is still that deep desire to bring a smile to one of their faces or share a nice laugh.

The irony of my visits to Children’s Hospital is that the children often give more than they receive from me. I “always” leave the hospital with a great sense of graciousness and hope. I don’t think today will be any different. I wish I could relax and just go do what I do since I already know that there will be positive outcomes. That would be operating from a place of wisdom wouldn’t it?

Just getting these words out has helped tremendously. When I finish my day at the hospital I’ll return home and update you all on how it went.

Thanks for listening.

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