Hey family! I’m excited! The movie I shot with Blippi and Meekah aired this morning! I had forgotten much of what we shot and so it was really interesting seeing it for the first time. I think they did a great job editing. Here’s a link to the video on YouTube “Blippi & The Holiday Snow Globe Movie.”

As an aside, I’ve upgraded my Musical Storytelling Shop on my website. You can check out the samples of music and stories. by clicking here: Stories Volume 1

There are quite a few other albums to check out once you’re there. Enjoy!

It is incredible to see that the movie we shot “Blippi and The Holiday Snow Globe Movie” is already approaching 200,000 views after only a few hours of being posted to YouTube.

The traffic to my site BabatheStoryteller.com has increased exponentially and is starting to tax my servers. Fingers crossed that my site doesn’t crash. It is definitely traffic from people who have viewed the movie.

I’ve got a lot more projects in the works. You know that you’ll be the first to know. I appreciate each and every one of you for signing up to be on my email list.

I’ll email you again soon family!

Dooni, dooni kononi bé nyaga da
– Little by little the small bird builds its nest –


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