A song that pays tribute to those who put others before themselves.
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Janjon, speaks to the fear which warriors experience before a battle. Janjon also addresses one’s victory over an enemeny. Janjon, overall is the victory over fear and one’s enemy, it is a statement of triumph.

This song, which is one of more popular traditional tuens of Mali, was, traditionally dedicated to the memory of Fakoli-kunba (Big Headed Fakoli), Fakoli-da-ba (Big Lip Fakoli), one of the warriors who fought alongside the Emperor Sunjata at the founding of the Mali Empire. Fakoli was the son of Kankuba Kante and nephew of Sumangurun, the man Sunjata defeated in a great battle during the ascension of the Mali Empire.

But slowly, Janjon has evolved. It has ceased to be a song of praise and has become a consecrate those which are distinguish by brilliant deeds.


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