A month ago I was made aware that I had won 2nd place in storytelling contest hosted by “Red Internacional.” No… really, it’s true. I entered this contest for Spanish Storytellers on the assumption that I would, at least, come out of the experience with some nice critiques of my Spanish Storytelling skills and maybe make a few friends on the side. I submitted a YouTube video of me telling a story in Spanish to the organization “Red Internacional.” Placing was an unsustainable fantasy that dared not even attempt to cross the threshold of my warped imagination for serious consideration.

Anyway, I got second place and this, my friends, is where the initiatory process begins. One of the awards was a creative writing course with “Escuela de Escritores” based in Madrid. While I am supremely ensconced in the subtle mastery and art of the pen in the English Language, well, Spanish, that is a horse of an entirely different color. But, lacking the common sense of a mule I decided to jump into the course with all ten toes and, hopefully, emerge a better storyteller and writer. By the way, did I mention the course is given in Spanish only?

I am in the second week of the course and I figured, rather than to continue crying and blubbering my way through extra large boxes of Kleenex, it would be better if I blogged the experience.

So for those of you willing the put up with the wining and exposed insecurities of a grown man, stay tuned. If this course doesn’t kill me it will definitely make me a better storyteller. If I were you though, I’d place my money on the odds of me not emerging alive.

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