Baba has toured schools all over the world performing live Assemblies, serving in “On-site Residencies” and facilitating both student and Teacher Workshops. Baba is now bringing these talents and skills to the virtual world of remote, or online learning. His virtual presentations are developmentally appropriate and combine the artistic disciplines of music, storytelling, and creative instruction. These presentations are a combination of live streaming, pre-recorded videos, and discussion.  Baba’s performances have been described as TEDTalks for the young. His virtual assemblies will challenge student’s imaginations while imparting valuable cultural, historical, and meta-curricula lessons.


  • Grade Levels: Stories, vocabulary, and concepts are developmentally appropriate for each grade level. Virtual Assemblies are conducted in separate sessions for Primary, Intermediate, and Middle Schoolers.
  • Number of Students: This will depend upon the conferencing/streaming platform the learning institution is utilizing.
  • Virtual Assembly Run Time: Primary: 20-30 minutes | Intermediate: 30-45 minutes | High School: 45-60 minutes.

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Baba’s professional development workshops have been presented all over the world with teachers in IB Schools, NGO Schools, Public and Private Schools. These workshops are now available for remote, or virtual gatherings of educators. For decades Baba has been a leading proponent of the inclusion of Storytelling in pedagogical practices. He currently has been hosting virtual sessions with staff, helping educators learn the importance of stories in building equity and learning communities.

  • Grade Levels: Teachers of all grade levels will benefit from this Virtual PD on Speaking-Listening.
  • Ancillary Topics: Virtual Classroom Management, Creative Online Instruction & Culturally Responsive Engagement.
  • PD Run Time: Depends on the needs of the school (Typically runs for between 45 minutes to an hour).
  • Platforms: Will depend on the requirments of the learning institution (Google, Zoom, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, etc.)

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Baba’s virtual classroom visits are educational, engaging, and lots of fun. For between 20 to 30 minutes, students are immersed in a virtual world of enchantment through streaming musical storytelling, original content pre-recorded videos and cultural enrichment. To maintain the intimacy of the presentation, virtual class sizes are limited to no more than 35 students per session. The platform utilized will depend on the learning institution and its’ requirments.

  • Grade Level: Stories, vocabulary, and concepts are age-appropriate.
  • Number of Students: Maximum per virtual classroom visit is 35.
  • Transition Time: If more than one virtual classroom is scheduled with a learning institution, it is preferred that there be a 5 minute period for transition allowed between vitual sessions.

Prior to the virtual classroom visits, it is requested that any access codes and/or passwords be forwarded to Baba via email, phone contact or texting.

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Baba host two types of virtual residencies: A Mini-Residency (up to 6 sessions per remote classroom) and a Full-Residency (usually 12 sessions per remote classroom). Virtual Residencies are aligned to current Common Core (K-12) and may be tailored to the specific curricular needs of each school. Example: Under the Speaking/Listening strand of the English Language Arts Standards of the Common Core, students are introduced to the way other cultures around the world teach listening. A mix of engaging/interactive Live Streaming and pre-recorded content are used give students an overview of the cultural differences of how other people in our world learn the skill of listening.

  • Grade Levels: Virtual Residency instruction is typically conducted with one grade level per session and only suited for students from 3rd grade and up. There are circumstances where online sessions are modified to accommodate two contiguous grades (e.g. 3-4, or 4-5) or for multi-age Montessori classrooms.
  • Number of Students: The maximum number of students per virtual residency session is a remote classroom of 35.
  • Session Run Times: Virtual Residency sessions run from 20 to 30 minutes (also depends on the needs of the school).
  • Transition Time: If more than one virtual classroom is scheduled with a learning institution, it is preferred that there be a 5 minute period for transition allowed between vitual sessions.

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