Greetings my family!

I hope everyone is staying at home if you can. I know times are rough and I sincerely hope that none of you are suffering right now.

I’ve managed to stay a little busy. I just completed a 4-part video series for Dakota County Library in Minnesota. If you get a moment check it out on Facebook. Here’s a link:

Share, leave a comment, and support it in any way you can.

I’ve got a few other projects for schools that are desirous of virtual content, pre-recorded videos and live streaming. That’s keeping me busy morning, noon and night.

I actually want to live stream for my people, and I plan to as soon as the production let’s up a little bit.

If y’all get a chance to catch the videos in the 4-part series, let me know.

I’ll love to get some feedback.

So, until next time my family: Dooni dooni kononi bé nyaga da.



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