geraldo_tarturuga_400pxi am truly one of the blessed of this earth to be able to travel the world and share with so many different people of different cultures. I received word recently that one of the most amazing souls I’ve ever met transitioned. His name was Seu Geraldo Tartaruga and he was a brilliant storyteller.

I met him while touring in Brazil. A group of local authors in Rio thought it was important to put us together in a room and just watch what happens. I’m smiling now because my time with him was magic. We sat in the home of a friend of his and share a meal and possibly “billions” of words together. Not kidding.

I always travel with gifts, small tokens that have more cultural significance than monetary value. Before we parted I handed him a gift. He smiled broadly and explained that he also had something for me. I was surprised. It turned out that he and I shared the same custom of gift giving.

Each time we lose one of these brilliant lights, the world feels just a tad dimmer.

I am going to miss you Tartaruga.

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