Hi Everyone! I’m coming to you from the beautiful metropolis of Dakar in Senegal West Africa. I’m currently working with the International School of Dakar and networking with several NGO’s. I’ve been having an awesome experience thus far. I’m alerting all of you that I’ve posted an episode of BABA TALKS to YouTube. Here the link: BABA TALKS episode 11.

I’ve got another week here in Dakar before I have to return to Southern California and then a tour of schools in Buenos Aires is on the horizon. 

There have been some challenges on this trip but they all have been opportunities for growth and nothing less. I have shared laughs, tears and intimate conversations with so many people here that it is impossible to not believe in the awakening of souls. So much has changed in Dakar since I was last here. So much has been built up.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Thiaroye to visit with Momina. Those of you who have read my book, Road of Ash and Dust: Awakening of a Soul in Africa will be familiar with her. I intend to honor this woman to the best of my abilities tomorrow. I’ll also get to see so many of the Cissokho family that I have not seen in years. The children of my time here are all adults now. Time waits for no one.

Well, I’ve got a ton of work to get to and sites to see. Keep following me on Facebook and Instagram where I’m posting pictures and videos as well. Let me know what you think of episode 11 of BABA TALKS. 

Dooni dooni kononi bé nyaga da!



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