As I´m preparing to leave the beautiful city of Santiago de Cali, I´m feeling a bit sad. The schools, teachers, administrators and students really rolled out the red-carpet for me. At Jefferson I was challenged creatively to engage each and every grade level they had (K-11). It was difficult but I would do it all over again, the same way because it pushed me to my creative edge having to jump between developmental stages of children so quickly. At La Colina, the ladies would not stop feeding me. Every time I admitted that I had not tasted something, it magically appeared for me to sample it. I started eating upon my arrival at La Colina and then I did not stop until late in the afternoon because one of the teachers felt it was her duty to take me to a local spot and feed me some more. At Britanico the kids made me feel like a Rock-Star.

I took more pictures with students at Britanico than any other school I have visited here in Colombia. To add to the euphoria of appreciation that they blanketed me with, I also had a chance to dance with one of the students on stage, in front of the entire school. The young woman showed no fear and neither did I. It was beautiful!

My most memorable experience thus far has been meeting two young men at Britanico who cornered me during my meal and said they wanted to know everything! They wanted to know how I controlled the audience, where did I learn to tell stories like that, who taught me to play the instrument, where did I learn all of the stage techniques, etc.

My conversation with the two young men was inspirational for me because they were looking beyond the entertainment value of what they had just experienced. These two young men actually saw the depth and profundity of the craft and desired to know me. I love when this happens because it does not happen often enough. I spent my entire meal conversing with these two young men and only ended the conversation because I had to leave for the airport. I will definitely remember these two young men.

I´ve got to get to the airport there is a cab waiting outside my hotel at the moment, waiting me to type these last few words (quickly).


Oops, one last thing! I would be remiss if I did not mention the following. I must must must must with all my heart and in deep sincerity thank the English Department at Colegio Britanico and their fearless leader, Tom, for an amazing dinner last night. Tom you and your staff definitely went above and way beyond the call of duty to make me feel welcomed here in Cali. I am more than appreciative of your hospitality, the wonderful conversations, encountering quick Irish wit, being seated next to the beautiful Linda and engaging others on a very intimate, spiritual and deeper level of understanding.

Ok, just thought I would throw that in. Taxi is still waiting! Chau!

No… really! Chau!

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