If anyone is thinking of starting their own business because you think it will give you more free time, then don’t do it. I think the fallacy that being your own boss allows you to enjoy endless hours of relaxation is, possibly, on e of the greatest myths of our entrepenurial era.

African Heritage Month has got the be the busiest time of the year for me ever. I feel thoroughly exhausted and it’s only the 8th but I have to say there is an unexplainable feeling of contentment which I wish I could articulate more effectively.

If free time is your primary motivation for owning your own business then you should definitely rethink and redefine your concepts of owning your own business. Not only will you have to wear many hats (manager, editor, cook, janitor, etc.) you will also have to learn how to make the hats, design them and fit them to the sizes of heads of unimaginable size (clients and customers).

Well, this is just quick personal rant that I needed to get off of my chest, having risen from sleep at 4:00 this morning to start work. Got to get back to work now! See you later!

“Dooni dooni kononi bè nyaga da.”

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