This conversation started me thinking about a time, approximately a year ago, when I noticed the first single strand of grey hair prominently displaying itself in my beard.

Now, I have always been the type of guy who laughed at, and poked fun at those guys who rush out to the grocery store for a hair coloring kit to make them appear younger than they actually are. I used to consider these vain, lacking in self-awareness; that is, of course, until I saw my first grey hair. Things definitely seem to change with age.

Well… my vanity overtook me and I found myself standing in front of our bathroom mirror with a set of tweezers, ready to go to work on that infamous single grey hair. I quickly plucked it, looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, “the youngster was back.”

I wish I had been warned, no one told me this but, a few weeks later, there were 10 grey strands that appeared to replace the 1 I had plucked.

I resolutely, at that moment, surrendered to the inevitable. I figured that I had earned those grey hairs and so I might as well make piece with them and let it grow where they see fit.

“Dooni, dooni kononi bè nyaga da.”

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