I posted an entire story that I shared with an audience of middle schoolers. Click here to view the entire 2:30 video Sharing a Teaching Tale of Confusion

If you get a chance to view it, subscribe while you’re there and leave a comment. I value the input of all of you. Many of you have hung in there with me on this journey for decades. I honestly believe that it is your input over the years that has a major part of my success.

I’m going to be putting out BABA TALKS episode #10 soon. I’ve got a few ideas of issues I’m going to discuss but, please, if there is anything any of you feel is pressing that I address please send your ideas via responding to this newsletter or email me directly babathestoryteller@gmail.com

I’ve got a couple of international trips coming up and I’m going to encourage all of you to please join me on the journey via social media. You may never know how comforting it is to be abroad and get little messages and tags from friends back home. I’ll discuss the Senegal trip the closer it gets.

Did I mention that I missed an opportunity to play at the Queen of Soul’s funeral, Aretha, because of my international travels? I know I did but I’m just saying it again because I’m trying to off-load it from my conscious. Wow, I really wish I had been here to honor her that way.

I’m going to be posting some more downloadable stories soon on my website. They were a bit hit before but I took them down because I’ve got “quality-control” issues. The newer tales are going to be a higher resolution and of higher fidelity.

Ok, as I’ve said before, I try to keep these as short as possible. I appreciate each of you for being there for me and being on this email list.

Until our paths cross again, dooni dooni kononi bé nyaga da.


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