I was sitting in a parking lot earlier today waiting for a space three car lengths in front of me . My blinkers were on, windows down and a gentle breeze entered from outside, circulating through the car. As I was sitting there, the car I was waiting for began backing out of its’ space. As soon as it vacated the parking space some nut in a mini-suv zoomed around my left side and screeched to a halt in the space I had so patiently been waiting for.

Ok, I’m a gentle soul but I also know that this is the kind of thing that even Mother Teresa going after this person. I sat in my car, didn’t budge an inch, waiting for the person to come out of their car. As I heard their door open, I couldn’t see because there was a huge van in the stall next to them blocking my view. As I heard their door open and close I began getting out of my car. I definitely wasn’t thinking.

From around the corner, walking away from the car around the van came the sweetest looking old woman you could have ever layed your eyes on. I was stunned for a second. This woman was definitely old enough to be my grandmother. I didn’t know how to handle this. I couldn’t jump in her face and yell at her. I couldn’t collar her or berate her with endless barage of expletives. She was too old and too sweet looking for that. My rage had been disarmed by a cultural paradigm for a respect for age that had been drummed into me during my youth.

As she walked past me she simply shrugged her shoulders and gave me a rather sheepish grin.

I got back into my car. As I had decided to calm myself and just roam the lot for another spot, I noticed her bumper sticker.

It read, and I couldn’t make this stuff up, it actually read: “This vehicle is guided by Jesus.”

Can you believe it? I couldn’t! I burst out laughing just sitting there.

So, that’s who really cut me off huh?

Is anyone else’s life like this? It can’t be just my life that has these endless streams of unbelievable, yet entertaining, incidents in it.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you one more thing. My daughter just reminded me. A little later in the day I also locked my keys in the car and she had to come and open it up for me. She’s walking away laughing.

Yeah, this is my life.

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