I did a performance at a school yesterday, it was an elementary school. After the performance one of the veteran teachers came over to buy my cd and she said, “you did really good, but I was worried at first.”

I asked her why and she said, “well when you walked in I asked myself, who is this kid they’ve sent us to do storytelling.”

I smiled.

She went on to explain how storytelling usually requires someone with a little age and years behind them.

I asked her how old she thought I was. This veteran of education peered over her bifocals, looked me up and down intensely and said, “somewhere in your mid to late 20’s.”

I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed her spontaneously, hugged her and planted a little kiss on her cheek.

I said, “Thank you, I really needed that.”

She asked me how old I was.

It turned out that she and I are about the same age.

I love being a storyteller.

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