Blog_image_04Last Saturday my tour manager, Sofi, took me to the historical city of Colonia. It is one of the earliest settlements here in Uruguay. Its’ history is a blend of Portuguese and Spanish Colonial conflict. Everything from the architecture to the roadways is a blend of the two colonial powers.

We took a small commuter bus to get there. There were about maybe 10 or 12 other people on this small tour with us. They were mostly Brazilian. The tour guide mixed his Spanish with a touch of Brazilian Portuguese, which totally through me for a loop. When he stayed in Spanish, I was cool.

I appreciated the ride, the quiet, and the serenity of passing through the country. On the way going I was wide away and totally into seeing the Uruguayan countryside.

We had a few stops on the way. The two most memorable were a chocolate factory and the theater where famous Tango master Carlos Gardel had his final performance before his death in a plane crash in Medellin Colombia.

It was a very cold day but walking the historical, stoned streets of Colonia felt serene. I loved the slower pace of the day.

The restaurant we ate at in Colonia was quaint and full of character. The traditional parrilla was exposed for all to see. It was so impressive I even shot video of the flames and cooking.

Possibly the best thing for me about being in Colonia was the “people-watching.” I love to sit and silently explore other cultures just by watching the people going about their daily lives. Colonia wasn’t full of tourists. There were local families mixed in with tourists strolling the streets.

On the ride back, I actually fell asleep a few times. By the time we returned to Montevideo I was well rested and ready for another week of touring.

I’m not sure what adventures or tales the rest of the tour will bring but I feel more than ready to face and embrace them.

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